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Locksmiths Nottingham Operating in the local area for many years, we have the skill and experience to address the locking or security issue you are facing.

Our fast-working team of accredited Nottingham locksmith team and CRB-checked professionals can be at your door in a matter of minutes to gain entry to your property, change locks or discuss your security requirements. A large amount of stock carried on call-outs vans means that all urgent and many other requirements can be addressed straight away 24 hours a day


Locksmiths, Nottingham delivers a complete range of mobile lock services. We aim to reach you within half an hour in emergency situations, and within two hours for the equally important non-emergency situations.

Garage Locks

We can supply and fit many types of Garage locks new and old, just give us a try we aim to provide a first class service

Locks Change/Repair

Are experts at installing locks on your door from new. All our engineers are caring and experienced craftsmen having installed many different types of locks on many different types of doors you can be assured our engineers carry something to suit you.

we install many different security and ironmongery products such as:

Mortice Locks and Latches

Digital Locks

Door Viewers

Bathroom Viewers

Hasps and Staples

Key Safes

Door Chains

Overhead Door Closers

And much more...

Lock protection 

With a wide range of methods used by burglars today the average homeowner or business property faces a number of risks. To ensure that you are protected against attack, feel free to get in touch with us and speak with an up to date security expert today. Lockpicking is something that you may have heard of and there are more and more persons who are learning how to bypass locks in order to gain unwarranted access. However there are locks which are well protected against such lock picking attacks, and if you speak with our service today, you’ll be able to find out the what risks you may be facing. Other techniques such as lock bumping and snapping are also becoming more and more widely spread, and in order to protect against such brute force attacks locks of the proper caliber and strength are needed

Master key

The end to a bunch of irritating keys! Master Key Systems are the ultimate solution for managing access to multiple lockable doors whether they all be located within the same building or for multiple property locations, this setup can be extremely useful if you have several lockable rooms within a multi-occupation household or operate a business, for instance, a hotel with many lockable rooms for storage, offices, private meetings, therefore Master Key Systems are the ideal solution for all commercial premises with many staff members requiring access to certain rooms with restrictions, allowing managers to hold a master key to unlock the majority of doors, whereas other members of staff may be assigned a sub-master key restricted to lesser rooms, and the highest level member of staff would hold the grand master key which will allow access all areas. Keys can be removed from the system with ease if lost, stolen or in the event a member of staff doesn't return their key,

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Our Locksmiths Nottingham team offers a range of keyless access options for your commercial property. Without keys to keep track of, batteries to change or wires to run, these systems are ideal for the busy modern business. As Locksmith Nottingham we will talk you through the operation of the system to ensure you fully understand its operation.

One of the many benefits of a keyless access system is that you can change codes as often as necessary, for example when an employee leaves your company. This is much more cost-efficient than changing locks. The quality of the keyless systems fitted by Locksmith Nottingham is first class; you can rely on their smooth mechanical operation for years to come.

Always training to keep your security top

Something that we here see as a major priority is to keep ourselves trained to the top level, this is so that we can ensure that we provide the best possible service, at any time that you require it, regardless of what it is that you require.

Nottinghamshire Locksmiths is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts 

always try to look out for the British standard kite mark.

Screen & Garage Door Locks

we can fit and supply many other locks just ask 

Total Home Security check

A quick inspection of what you have installed on your doors and windows at home is valuable. The times are moving fast, and even with what may appear to be new and fresh locks on your entry points, there is a risk that they are out of date and don’t provide the security they ought to.

Custom Surveillance Systems

Something often in discussion at the present is home security and particularly home security alarms. A great thing in bringing current security issues into view as we here think, however, there are a few things which we would like to direct your attention to.

With the number of products out there today, it can be difficult to tell something decent and reliable from something made from less experience and more due to the opportunity in the market. Which is why our service specialists would like to advise you to always speak to a professional on the matter.

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Mortice Locks and Latches
Digital Locks
Door Viewers
Bathroom Viewers
Hasps and Staples
Key Safes
Door Chains  
Overhead Door Closers
And much more...

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