How to avoid  loosing your keys with Locksmiths Nottingham 

How To Avoid Losing Your House Keys

If you suddenly find yourself locked out of your house because you’ve been out all day and suddenly can’t find your keys when you’re back at your front door, don’t panic… it honestly does happen to the best of us and it’s an easy fix if you just get in touch with an emergency locksmith in Nottinghamshire.

But trying not to lose your keys in the first place would be an even easier fix – so here are a few little steps you could take to prevent this from happening again.

Keep them in the same place at home

Get into a little ritual with your keys whenever you go inside so that you know they’ll always be in the same place and you won’t have to spend hours looking for them with no luck whatsoever.

Keep them near the front door because that just makes sense but make sure they’re not visible from the inside – this can be tempting to thieves and can also potentially invalidate your house insurance if you are broken into.

Keep them in the same place in your bag

Do you often find yourself rifling through your bag for what feels like hours, increasingly getting annoyed that you can’t find your keys? Eliminate this from your life by having a specific key place in your bag and always putting your keys in there without fail. Or buy a key clip that attaches to your bag so your keys won’t fall to the bottom, never to be seen again.

Buy a house key tracker If you keep losing your keys, a tracker might be a solid investment. Something like the Tile will play a loud tune while you use your smartphone to try and find your keys.

Locksmiths Nottingham recommends anti snap cylinders!

Locksmiths of Nottingham would like to bring your attention to a security threat which is a break in technique known as snapping.. Only common tools are needed to make use of this technique. And on top of that the technique is also quick and relatively quiet.


Meaning of course that it’s extra important to take security measures and get the anti-snap cylinder locks which are not vulnerable to this type of attack. So get in touch with us to find a locksmith Nottingham for quick installation today, and should you have any questions at all please feel free to direct them towards us. discount locksmiths nottingham


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